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Designer Favorites is a community of designers who share their favorite things to inspire others.

The aim is to create an enjoyable newsletter for new discoveries, every week. We're sometimes looking for a new podcast to listen to, or a book to get lost (and found) in, or even someone great to follow online that we've not come across yet.

Sharing is a great way to provide inspiration and help find something that you might not have discovered yet to get you going, and I believe that Designer Favorites will help provide that. I also want to give designers a platform to talk about what has helped them, share with an audience things they enjoy and love, and showcase what they're up to.

Whether you’re a student just starting out, a designer looking to move from an agency to a product team, or a seasoned veteran in the design industry, you’re always learning. I hope Designer Favorites helps you find something new and invigorating.

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Stuart Regan